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About Hannibal Lecter

The tendency to see others as less human than ourselves is universal.
The Devil is in the details.
B A S I C S;
Name: Hannibal Lecter / Roman Fell
Title(s): Doctor (MD)
Age: 40's
Date of Birth: January 20th
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Marital Status: Single
Family: Count Lecter (Father), Simonetta Sforza-Lecter (Mother), Mishca Lecter (Sister), Robert Lecter (Uncle), Lady Murasaki (Aunt)
Religion: Roman Catholic (most likely)
Occuation: Surgeon (Retired), Psychiatrist
Education Level: MD & Doctorate in Psychology
P E R M I S S I O N S;
Backtagging: Yes, though generally after a month has passed in game I will handwave.
Threadjacking: Yeah, go to town
Forth-Walling: No, thank you. If your character canonically has knowledge of Hannibal, go right ahead.
Mindreading: He will probably try to kill your character if he finds out it was them, but I'm A-Okay with it.
Fighting: Yes~
Injury: Yes~
Romance: Very yes~
Smut: Yep!
Offensive Subjects: Be aware cannibalism, murder, grotesque violence are heavily involved in Hannibal's canon. If you would like me to avoid any of these just drop me a line. I can keep references to a minimum, or adjust to whatever your comfort level permits.
P L A Y E R;
Name: Pumpkin
Age: 21+
Timezone: Mountain Standard Time
Contact: PM or [ profile] pir8_queen

B O D Y; of work, body count, known victims.

Titles: Il Mostro, The Chesapeake Ripper, The Copycat Killer

Approximately 30 known victims.

As Il Mostro —

Murdered 2 unnamed victims 20 years ago, recreating a detail from Botticelli's Primavera.

Murdered the unnamed curator to create a job vacancy.

Murdered Dr. Roman Fell to assume his identity.

Murdered Lydia Fell when she came home to discover Hannibal eating him.

As The Copycat Killer —

Cassie Boyle as a copycat murder to Garret Jacob Hobbs.

Marissa Schurr as a copycat murder to Garret Jacob Hobbs to further suspicion of Abigail Hobbs's involvement in her father's murders. This also sets up Nicholas Boyle as a potential victim for Abigail.

Franklyn Froideveaux to cover up for the murder of Tobias Budge, thus framing him. Hannibal uses, however indirectly, Bedelia's mention of her own patient attacking her as a way to rid himself of Franklyn. He also has to eliminate Tobias as he seeks friendship from Hannibal. Hannibal's chief interest is in Will Graham for friendship so he rejects him.. With death.

Donald Sutcliffe as a copycat murder of Georgia Madchen, covering up for Will Graham's diagnosis of Encephalitis, originally meant to frame Will Graham.

Dr. Carson Nahn as a copycat of Abel Gideon in the fury of Gideon claiming his title as the Chesapeake Ripper. This murder confirms Gideon cannot possibly be the Ripper.

Georgia Madchen for being too cognizant of him framing her for Dr. Sutcliffe's murder, officially framing Will Graham for the second time.

James Grey as a copycat of his own murders.

Judge Davies to frame Matthew Brown to force Will Graham's mistrial.

Beverly Katz murdered, has one organ removed merging the identities of the Chesapeake Ripper and the Copycat Killer as one person due to the location her body was found. Katz also has the same organ missing as the James Grey.

Abigail Hobbs murdered as Garret Jacob Hobbs originally intended, and as punishment for Will Graham's betrayal of his trust.

As The Chesapeake Ripper —

First sounder of three, victims unknown, occur within nine days in Minneapolis, Essex, and Baltimore.

18 months later, second sounder of three within nine days of each other, all in Baltimore.

11 months later he kills his seventh victim. (Check if this is where Will Graham reveals Hannibal kills in 3 to both degrade his victims and only harvest enough meat to eat so it won't spoil)

Eighth victim is Jeremy Olmstead is killed in his workshop. Every tool in his shop is used to emulate his own drawing of the murder. At this moment in the canon Hannibal kills for art, mutilating the body with all of said tools to cover up for his real intent: removal of the victim's organs for consumption.

Alleged ninth victim is Miriam Lass. After her disappearance the Ripper rests for two years coinciding with the capture and hospitalization of Abel Gideon. Miriam Lass is groomed over a two year time period through psychic driving, torture, starvation, poor living conditions and the removal of her arm to aid Jack Crawford in catching Abel Gideon. Miriam Lass is used to frame Chilton as the Chesapeake Ripper, thus resulting in her death.

The murders from the wheel of contact information death: Andrew Caldwell, Darrell Ledgerwood, Christopher Word. All of these murders happen during the active killing period of Devon Silvestri (An Organ Seller). He used Silvestri to cover up for his own organ harvesting to construct a dinner party where he assures everyone nothing on the menu is vegetarian. (Origin in TV series of "Eat The Rude")

Abel Gideon is cannibalized while living, fed his own flesh, further dismembered and left to die in Chilton's basement from his injuries thus framing Chilton as the Chesapeake Ripper.

M I N D; psyche, personality, general mentality.

Hannibal demonstrates a clear preference for intellectual company, people he finds suitable for manipulation, and--of course--other serial killers. Generally speaking he is a very amicable individual. Those who are friendly to him will receive the same treatment in the return, and those who are rude generally end up disappearing in one way or another. His outward emotions, especially toward tragedy are often non-existent. He truly has little to no empathy for others, but he has a very wide range of emotions he experiences despite this.

Aside from his more grotesque hobbies artists and those who enjoy literature will find he is very easy to talk to, as well as those who have an interest in unorthodox use of medicine. While Hannibal's concern for others is largely faked, he'll probably still be the best therapist/fake friend your character has ever had. His attention to detail as someone who studies the mind masks what would normally be considered stalker tendencies. He will memorize your character's ticks down to their favorite color to their daily habits. The only people he seems to never accommodate are vegetarians and the rude.

S K I L L S; talents, powers, magics.

While Hannibal has no super natural powers aside from, perhaps, his extraordinary sense of smell, he has more skillage than any hipster could possibly hope for.

(MoM) Wendigo Sickness — Completely out of Hannibal's control, his personality takes a life of its own. He often influences others to do what they would not. He now has no control over who or how much he influences. In fact, he may never become aware of this power at all but simply being in his presence alters their moral compass ever so slightly so long as they are within range. Let's go with 3-5 feet. Of course, there are people who will be immune to the slight influence.

(MoM) Dreamwalking — An extension of Wendigo Sickness; the ability to infest others dreams in the form of a stag or Wendigo, at first. Once he has control of the power he can appear as himself, but namely he will take the shape of a Wendigo.

(MoM) Ultimate Gardner — Hannibal has the uncanny ability to grow plants! Seemingly harmless and particularly useless, but for a professional chef having herbs, fruits, vegetables, and the like readily available is very useful to him. He has to have something to make side dishes with.

Musician — Hannibal owns a harpsichord, composes music for it, and also takes an interest in unique instruments such as the theremin.

Artist — He shows the most interest in the Renaissance period of art, philosophy, and the intellectual movement toward capturing life as accurately as possible present chiefly in the Early period of the Renaissance. This spawns, presumably, from his stay in Florence where Early Renaissance art had much of it's pull. He earns his scholarship to the Johns Hopkins school of medicine with his drawings claiming scalpels cut better points than traditional sharpers.

Surgeon — Chiefly his work was done in the ER where he saw many patients, a few were easy pickings as victims. Hannibal claims he left his surgical career because he killed someone to Will Graham. Whether or not this is true is debatable. Unlike Chilton, Hannibal chose psychiatry out of preference despite choosing the ER rotation in medical school as his career path.

Psychiatrist — Hannibal is extremely successful despite his poor track record with patients staying alive after they've been treated by him. However the frequency of those deaths cluster most in the present timeline suggesting he had plenty of patients who saw him without suspicion. He has published a paper on "Evolutionary Origin of Social Exclusion". But the devil is in the details; the title of the paper suggests Hannibal's inherent curiosity about his own background, his exclusion from society as a serial killer, thus setting up his innate interest in someone who can empathize with him in a society he is marginalized from.

Expert Combatant — While the details of his particular fighting style are unknown, Hannibal Lecter is a capable fighter. He shows an immense amount of physical strength, and a will to survive.

Sense of Smell — Hannibal can smell anything from the gun powder residue off of someone's hand from previously shooting a gun to the stage four lung cancer Bella Crawford has developed.