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backtagging Yep! However, threads may be dropped after 5-7 days with no response. I try to tag back quickly and sometimes it's hard to get momentum back from about a week.
threadhopping Go for it. You don't have to ask.
fourthwalling No, not unless your character explicity has knowledge of Hannibal. You can also ask wherever applicable.
offensive subjects It goes without saying cannibalism will come up in introspection. Hannibal is manipulative, dangerous, and ultimately harmful for your character if he takes an interest in them further than acquaintance. You can opt-out of whatever subjects you want, but just keep it mind it limits how much interaction your character can have with Hannibal. He is not above torture, coercion, mutilation, cannibalizing them, psychologically damage, attempts at their life resulting in minor/major injury and/or their death. Sexual assault will never come up as a theme Hannibal participates in or condones. In fact, he may lead any/all investigations on such matters to the UNSUB. You have been warned.


physical contact Closer CR will be able to get away with minimal physical contact. Otherwise it is safe to say he won't engage in touching anyone, but he won't shy away if they touch him.
romance Sure. It'll be horrible.
fighting Yep!
injuries or death Definitely!
timeline S3 E2: "Primavera"


For a brief synopsis of Hannibal and his powers go here! Comments below are screened for Opt-Outs. You go, Glen Coco. Opt-Out of whatever makes you feel uncomfortable.